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  • All forms of Aluminothermic welding in both Thermit and Railtech products 
  • We weld Heavy Rail (Train), Light rail (Tram groove rail) and all sizes of Crane Rail (elevated and ground level) 
  • All aspects of re-railing and have completed large volumes of this
  • First team to change sleepers in the Melbourne underground rail loop (MURL) since being built
  • Welding turnouts, crossovers, GIRJ's and newly  constructed track, Adjustment (destress) welding, Removal of RFD (rail flaw detector) faults, wheel burn removal


  • We are able to supply Grinding Crews if required at Contractors request


  • The vehicles are especially designed for the purpose of welding and therefore are able to carry all types of welding equipment and have room for the safe and dry storage of weld kits

Specialist in supplying services for Welding Crane Rail, Heavy Haul Train Rail and Light Groove Rail

What makes us different :

  • The ongoing training internally of our welders to ensure a high quality end result is achieved


  • Our commitment to quality


  • Our vehicles - 95% of our welders vehicles are guage convertable hirailed and have 4x4 capabilities.


  • The last 4 of our trucks are fitted with 1000 litre water tanks and have firefighting hoses and pumps on them.


  • Due to the large volume of welding teams available, we have a very quick response time

  • Flexibility


  • In managment staff we have in excess of 45 years combined rail experience

Welding Turnouts, cross Overs, Girj's, Newly constructed Track, Removal of RFD, Welding Services Aluminothermic Welding Services Specialist Groove Tram Train Light Crane Rail
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